_P4Q6024Mariela Pokka has always had a huge passion for fashion. Already early in her life, she was getting praise for the way she combined special garments and accessories. She has an inborn understanding of what looks and feels beautiful. Her innate instincts for flattering lines and her sense of luxury have always been her vision.

Already at a young age Mariela started sketching her ideas creating garments for herself and for some members of her family with different expectations for fashion, since they are from different countries; her mother and father are from Venezuela and Germany respectively, and her grandparents from Venezuela, Poland and Gran Canaria in Spain. This has given her a cultural richness that has broadened her vision for fashion.

Her innate instincts for flattering lines and her sense of luxury have always been her vision. She used to design her own dresses for special occasions, as well clothes for all the family, and received great praise for all her creations.

Being a discerning customer, she has a good knowledge of what can be found in the market and also what the market lacks. As a result of this, she has been looking for the right opportunity for interesting new ideas in the fashion arena. She feels she knows what the customers’ requirements are in the market she is targeting. After getting an MBA in International Marketing at Richmond University in London, she has provided great help for making her husband’s company in Finland even more successful. The company of the Pokka Family, “Pokka Reindeer Hides”, has been marketing reindeer hides and leather since 1969.

The success of the company in the last few years is partly due to Mariela Pokka’s insights into international marketing and its development together with her husband. Mariela has a major role in the marketing sector of the factory, which produces and sells reindeer hides and unique luxury reindeer leather internationally. This has given Mariela Pokka an in-depth knowledge of the leather industry and especially about the raw material required for the production of leather goods. Moreover, her company, located in Rovaniemi, is very close to source of reindeer leather.

Mariela Pokka and Céline Méteil teamed up to design Mariela Pokka’s classical collection of luxury fashion goods. Céline Méteil is a French designer, who was awarded first prizes in 2011 both from Première Vision and the People’s Choice Award at the International Fashion and Photography Festival of Hyères in France.

“I have always been passionate for garments and accessories, and dressing myself everyday gives me the opportunity of expressing my creativity and my dreams.”
Mariela Pokka