About the brand

Mariela Pokka has an undeniable and  instinctive  relationship  with fashion. Building on her lifelong passion  and  innate  understanding of  what  looks  and  feels  beautiful, along with her diverse cultural influences and years of studying Business and International Marketing, Mariela is the genius behind the luxurious Mariela Pokka fashion brand, made from the most exclusive leather in the world. 

Mariela developed a longing to combine her creativity and strong sense of stylewith the authenticity of the local, deep-rooted heritage of reindeer herding, to bring a contemporary elegance to the use of reindeer leather. Teaming up at the beggining with Céline Méteil, a talented French designer who collaborated with Mariela to create Mariela Pokka brand first collection, and working closely with the local SAMI indigenous reindeer herders, supporting and encouraging ethical farming and ecological production –Mariela went on to create a unique, ethically sourced, eco-luxury collection of fashion goods. Her unique eco-luxury brand has been selected to feature in the prestigious Cartier Queen Cup Magazine for the last 3 years and the designs were also shown to great acclaim at both Monte Carlo and New York Fashion Weeks 2017. 

About the designer

Raised in Caracas, Venezuela to a Venezuelan Mother and German Father, and with Polish and Spanish Grandparents, her early and varied cultural influences had a profound effect on her unique creative vision and styling. From a young girl, Mariela was recognised for her exceptional style and the distinctive way that she combined her garments and accessories. 

Her  early design  instincts  led  to  her  initially designing  pieces  for her dolls and later for her friends  and family. After spending  much  of  her  youth  in London, her creativity and unique style refined further; as a discerning fashion customer in London, Mariela developed an innate sense for luxury, flattering lines and beautiful fabrics, along with an impressive knowledge of what could be found in the market and what it lacked.

Mariela graduated as System Engineer with a master in TV media and achieved an MBA in International Marketing at Richmond University in London. She later began working in her Husband’s company in Finland, Pokka Reindeer Hides”. Building on her international marketing knowledge, Mariela soon developed several ideas and opportunities at Pokka Reindeer Hides, which went on to significantly contribute to the company’s continued success.

Mariela’s role in the marketing sector of the factory and her insight into the leather industry, ethical farming and ecological production, along with her fashion knowledge, further inspired her creativity. Mariela longed to combine this creativity with the authenticity of the local, deep-rooted heritage of reindeer herding, and bring a contemporary elegance to the use of reindeer hide. 

Committed to supporting their socially sustainable livelihood, Mariela began working closely with the local SAMI indigenous, reindeer herders , Mariela began to create a unique, ethically sourced, eco-luxury collection of fashion goods. 

With her innate passion for the finest fabrics and luxury styling, Mariela went on to pioneer the use of combining decadent reindeer leather alongside other fabrics and materials, to produce a sumptuous finish which resembles silk to the touch. This ingenious development resulted in unique and sophisticated designs and the production of a classical collection of luxury fashion masterpieces for the modern woman.


“I have always been passionate for garments and accessories, and dressing myself everyday gives me the opportunity of expressing my creativity and my dreams.”

Mariela Pokka